“Glenn’s strategic perspective on the college and university accreditation process is refreshing. Rather than treating accreditation as an unpleasant necessity, he sees it as the natural complement to a unified mission and strategy, mirroring the development of fully aligned instructional and student support capabilities. He balances broad hands-on experience in the details of college and university accreditation with a forward-looking perspective that reflects important emerging developments that will affect virtually every accredited institution. His insights are valuable to institutions seeking first-time accreditation and to those pursuing reaccreditation.”

–Leslie Nolen, President, The Radial Group

“I met Glenn in 2011, and his subject matter expertise has already made a strong contribution to our organization. He effectively consults in Higher Education organizations with accreditation planning. Namely, Glenn assists colleges and universities in discovering, analyzing, and applying best practices from true peer institutions as well as understanding and navigating the increasingly complex compliance landscape. During his consulting engagements, he goes beyond other similar consultants; he collaborates with staff and faculty in gaining true buy in and ownership of the process so that the end product is generated from within the institution rather than being imposed on the institution from outside forces. I highly recommend Glenn to any institution.”

VERNA LYNCH, Sr. Consultant: Management, IT, and Business Development Consultant, BerryDunn